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Garden plots

There are many lucky homeowners that are sitting on a small fortune in the shape of a potential building plot (or even plots) in their gardens, often without realising it.

Cashing in on high property prices without actually moving has become an increasingly popular option, particularly for those tired of gardening but remain attached to their home.

Given the severe national housing shortage, it is very difficult for planning authorities to resist applications to build houses in back gardens.

Derelict land and property


There are many new opportunities for land and property owners, and certainly untapped potential of transforming derelict buildings into luxurious homes.


Planning permission for converting disused buildings is usually much easier to obtain than for building from scratch. 


Land with buildings are also considered brownfield (previously developed) sites, which are much more straightforward to obtain planning than Green Belt or other greenfield sites

Farms, barns and outbuildings

Replacement dwellings and barn conversions are the most common ways of achieving a new home in the countryside.


Many farmers have been quick to take advantage of the opportunities that now exist to convert ordinary agricultural barns and sheds to as many as three new dwellings.

Conversion opportunities present themselves in different forms, including farms, barns, mills, hospitals, schools and churches.

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