10 reasons why you should buy a new build

We often associate the expression ‘out with the old, in with the new’ with things like relationships, furniture, television shows – but does this age-old saying still ring true when it comes to finding a new home?

Sure, a period property offers familiarity, character, potential, but a small amount of homework will tell you that might not be enough to outweigh all the benefits attached to a new build purchase.

With that said, let us share with you ten reasons you might want to ditch the old for the new, once and for all.

1. Make it your own

When it comes to buying a property, nothing beats that ‘fresh out the box feeling’.

It has that reassuring brand-new smell to it that says you won’t find any nasty surprises lurking in half-emptied kitchen cupboards or long-abandoned garden sheds.

Of course, that’s not always the case; chances are you’ll buy from a respectful seller. But there’s always that hint of hesitance, isn’t there? You never quite know what’s waiting for you behind your new front door.

But with a new build, you don’t need to go through these anxiety-riddled motions. Instead, you can get on with more important things like unpacking, organising furniture and deciding who has the bedroom with the en suite.

With a new build, you can get on with living straightaway.

2. Designed for modern living

Unlike many of their dated predecessors, new build properties are designed and built to meet the demands of modern living.

In most cases, your brand-new home will have:

  • larger windows to allow in more natural light
  • ample storage areas for your bits ‘n’ bobs
  • multiple bathrooms (usually one on each floor); and
  • wider door openings for prams and wheelchairs

What’s more, floor areas for new builds are usually designed for open-plan living which means you can enjoy a generous amount of space to cater for every type of family event.

(Oh, and fewer walls also means a stronger Wi-Fi signal too.)

3. Choose your finishes

Provided you secure your new build early enough, it’s likely you’ll get a selection of tile, carpet and worktop finishes to choose from.

Of course, this isn’t the case with every developer, and it’s something you need to ask before committing to a purchase.

Speaking of which, if you want to know what else to ask your developer before signing any contract, it’s worth checking out our post: 21 questions to ask when buying a new build.

4. There’s no onward chain

With 20-30% of property chains collapsing every year in the UK, there’s a reasonable chance you might get short-changed from the time, money and energy you put into finding a period property.

However, with a new build purchase, you have peace of mind you’re not relying on a series of transactions for yours to happen.

Instead, you know where you stand from the moment you make a deposit to the moment you open your new front door for the very first time.

And, with one less worry at bay, you can turn your attention to more pressing matters – like who’s going to unpack all the boxes.

Seriously, who?

5. Enjoy some peace ‘n’ quiet

Contrary to what some might believe, new builds are not built with thin party walls. In fact, Document E under the 2010 Building Regulations states that:

“All dwelling-houses, flats and rooms for residential purposes shall be designed and constructed in such a way that they provide reasonable resistance to sound from other parts of the same building and from adjoining buildings.

That should put the ‘don’t-buy-a-new-build-because-they-have-paper-thin walls’ myth to bed for a while, right?

6. Your new build is safe

A period property might look the part, but have you ever wondered what weathered wiring and harmful materials are lurking behind those seven layers of dated wallpaper? We have, and it’s not a pretty thought, let us tell you.

Sure, you can invest the time and money to potentially put things right, but is it worth the hassle when you can opt for a new build that already adheres to strict safety standards?

As part of your new build purchase, you’ll get as standard mains-powered fire detection systems, British Standard security locks, circuit breakers and (depending on the extras available) an integrated security alarm, too.

It’s no wonder more and more people are ditching the old for the new, right?

7. Your new home is under warranty

We can’t speak for every developer, but all our new builds come with a 10-year warranty registered with the National House Building Council (NHBC) or Premier Guarantee as standard.

Cover usually starts from the time you exchange contracts and includes protection for your deposit as well as insurance against any major defects, such as foundations, external render, load-bearing parts of flooring and so on.

It’s just one less thing you have to worry about.

8. Newer is greener (and means cheaper bills)

Thanks to giant leaps in building technology and materials, new build owners never have to open their energy bill with one eye closed ever again.

Developments in areas such as insulation, low-energy lighting and solar panel systems have meant far less energy is required to keep a home running for longer.

Typically, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating for a new home in the UK is A or B, whilst older homes are often rated as E or lower.

By using less energy, new build owners also play a significant part in protecting the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

9. More home for your money

If you’re not already convinced a new build is for you, perhaps the addition of fully integrated kitchen appliances might sway your decision.

Tip:Once you’ve moved into your new build, make sure you activate every warranty. Usually, there are activation instructions in the form of a sticker found somewhere on the front of each appliance.

10. Initiatives for first-time buyers

The Help To Buy scheme is the most recent initiative released by the government, allowing first-time buyers to secure a new build home with a small deposit.

Available until March 2023, the scheme helps homebuyers with up to 20% of the cost of a newly built home valued at £600,000 or less. If you’re looking to buy in London, the scheme extends as far as 40%.

Not bad, eh?

If you have any other questions about new build homes, or want to book a viewing at a Blackthorn Homes development, get in touch – we’re here to help.

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