HBF: Small Developers Group

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) is the voice of the home building industry in England and Wales, and it's members deliver around 80% of all new homes built each year. Blackthorn Homes are a proud member of the HBF who work closely with key decision makers in government, both nationally and regionally, on the issues that affect us including; technical, planning, economic and environmental matters. The HBF are very mindful of the particular needs of smaller developers. Throughout the downturn they stressed to Government the importance of SMEs playing a part if we are to see significant overall increases in housing supply – and pushed Government hard for policies to allow them to deliver and

Careers in construction

A recent article within Construction Enquirer, a free online news feed with more than 48,000 subscribers, suggests that "half of school age children have never been given any information on possible jobs in construction by teachers or careers advisers." The new research from Redrow, a leading UK house builder, revealed that: Half (50%) of young people questioned answered “no” when asked if information on careers in construction had ever been discussed with them verbally by a teacher or had been made readily available in careers literature. Just 30% of young men questioned said a career in construction was a possibility for them and just 16% of young women. More than half (52%) of young peopl

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